Trip To China UAJ CZJ

Introduction: Back in June, I saw some really cheap tickets to China in October on UA website. The roundtrip ticket was around $800 all included. I quickly booked a EWR-NRT-PEK and CTU-SFO-EWR on without even requesting vacation days at work. Given the cheap Y fare, I was willing to use miles+copay to upgrade both…

Anniversary Dinner at Gramercy Tavern

Breakfast: Bland roast coffee (Starbucks) Hard boiled eggs Lunch (Mangia): Cesar kale salad with grilled shrimp Dinner (Gramercy Tavern Main Dinning Hall): Seasonal Tasting Menu Marinated scallops – Heirloom beans, grapes and kohlrabi Halibut – tomatoes kombu and opal basil Warm lobster salad – sweet peppers, black rice and cilantro Lumache – shell beans, parmesan…

Thursday–Nothing So Special

Breakfast (Starbucks): Flat White Turkey bacon sandwich Lunch (Novartis East Hanover Campus Asian Bistro) : Sautéed broccoli with shrimp Dinner:  Spicy tuscan kale

Wednesday Meals at Work

Breakfast from Pret  Light roast coffee Hard boiled eggs with spinach Lunch from Republic: Seafood Pad Thai Fried Calamari Dinner from Legend: Fried dumplings Double cooked pork Kungpao shrimp Sliced beef in hot chilly sauce Chashao pork

Tuesday’s Meals

Breakfast:  Peanut butter bread Regular croissant Blonde roast coffee (Starbucks) Lunch: Assorted cold salad (Mangia) Dinner: Jerk Chicken from Jerkin Chicken This is only half of the food I got. Really good value for a $11 meal, at least from a quantity standpoint. The taste is pretty good but the chicken is probably not organic….